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IGSave is the easiest app for downloading images from Instagram.

Open IG

  1. Click 'Open Instagram on IGSave' button.
  2. Login in instagram.com.
  3. Click Photos/Videos/Stories you like to download.
Tips: You could download pictures from private accounts you follow.

Copy Link on Instagram

  1. Copy link of Pthotos you like on Instagram.
  2. Click IGSave floating button to view photos.
Tips: Grant "Draw Over Other APPs" permission to download.


  1. Search a user or tag and browse photos & videos.
  2. Click the popup to download.
Tips: Bulk download is available now.


"Draw Over Apps" permission

Q: Why does IGSave need "Draw Over Apps" permission?

A: This is a quick downloading button. Granting the permission of "Draw Over Apps" allows you to download the files from Instagram APP directly. You don't have to switch between two apps. It is convenient and fast!

Bulk Download

How to bulk download?

  1. Search users or HashTags, or “Copy Profile URL”
  2. Tap “Bulk Download”
  3. Select your favorite photos or videos
  4. Click “Download”
  5. View “Downloaded”

Private Accounts

Q: How to download photos and videos from private accounts?

A: Please use “Open Instagram” on IGSave. Login your account at instagram.com. Tap on the photo or video you want to download.

Note: please get permission from the owner before downloading!

Login to Your Instagram

Q: Why do I need to login my Instagram account in IGSave?

A:This is one way to download media provided by IGSave. What is opened in IGSave is actually the Mobile web of Instagram. Login Instagram so that you can view the latest images and videos from your following accounts and download them by one click . Your account information will only be recorded by Instagram.IGSave will not record any of your account information.

Store Your Files

Q: Why are downloaded files deleted after uninstalling IGSave?

A: Folders created in IGSave application will be deleted by the Android system after the application is uninstalled. So if you want to save files permanently, please make a backup in advance.

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